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Waste incinerators

Equipment for crematoriums of pets
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Equipment for crematoriums of pets Modern mobile utilizers of organic waste are capable to utilize in the autonomous mode to 1 ton of waste for the working day. The utilizer, the trailer automobile, the generator of alternating current, a fuel tank, the control panel is included in the package.
Group: Waste incinerators
Chamber of a dozhig for the utilizer thermal
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LLC STC FLESH-R makes, establishes and serves utilizers thermal for utilization of different types of waste including dangerous. For improvement of indicators of emissions of flue gases in environment, furnaces can be completed with an additional afterburner of gases. The chamber has the torch and...
Group: Waste incinerators
Rooms for utilizers thermal
In stock 
Utilizers thermal productions of LLC STC FLESH-R can be mobile on trailers or stationary. Permanently furnaces can be installed under canopies or in rooms with compulsory ventilation and nonflammable materials. The fuel tank is established in the certain room or behind a partition.
Group: Waste incinerators


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