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Potbelly stove
In stock 
1500 UAH
Irreplaceable oven in the conditions of lack of heating indoors. Mm steel 10. Grid-irons. Pipe 2m.
Group: Furnaces, boiler-heating, domestic
Oven Potbelly stove
In stock 
The wood furnace for heating of production and household rooms. Sizes: height is 600 mm, diameter is 320 mm, grid-irons steel. Pipe 2m.
Group: Furnaces
Kamenka furnace
In stock 
The irreplaceable furnace for saunas, baths, sweating rooms, just for heating of rooms. The steel case, thickness of a wall is 10 mm, an ashpit, grid-irons.
Group: Stoves for sauna
Furnace potbelly stove
In stock 
The potbelly stove is classical. Material became 10 mm. Height of an oven is 600 mm. Diameter is 300 mm. Pipe 2m.
Group: Furnaces
Potbelly stove FLASH
In stock 
1500 UAH
Furnace potbelly stove classical. Material steel of 10 mm. Grid-iron, pipe 2m. Height is 600 mm.
Group: Wood furnaces
Kamenka for a sauna
In stock 
Furnace Kamenka. For a sauna with an area 8-12m.kv. Material steel of 12 mm.
Group: Stoves for baths
Oven potbelly stove
In stock 
Classical design of an oven of a potbelly stove. Heating, cooking. Material: mm steel 10. Grid-irons, pipe 2m.
Group: Cast-iron moveable wood stoves
The heat exchanger to the utilizer to thermal UT300
In stock 
The tubular heat exchanger allows to remove up to 200 kW of energy from a chimney. Legly in service. Material - stainless steel 3 of mm. Automatic equipment - the smoke exhauster which pulls through itself(himself) necessary amount of hot gas.
Group: Furnace equipment
The furnace horizontal with a cooking plate
In stock 
3500 UAH
The furnace furnace with a cooking surface. Loading of firewood horizontal. Length of logs is up to 80 cm. Grid-iron. Doors for ashes. Two rings with caps.
Group: Furnaces


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